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This site contains information about the Swinger Lifestyle commonly abbreviated to simply "the Lifestyle".  The site contains information about lifestyle basics and is friendly toward those new in the lifestyle.  The site focuses on lifestyle events at a national level and within the states of Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Louisiana. We add more states and locations as we get time to travel there and experience the local pleasures. There is some information about activities in other states and information is added from time to time as the site authors travel and explore the lifestyle in other parts of the country.


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It was recently proposed to me to come up with a definition of a "Swinger". I would like to propose the following:

Swingers are people in committed or casual relationships who like to "date" others in committed or casual relationships as a couple (or more in the case of a poly type relationship) with the unique stipulation that such activities are done as a "Couple", and that such dating activities may include hieghtened sexual experiences or direct physical sexual encounters.

I get that there are women in the lifestyle "Unicorns" we like to call them and solo males who go to lifestyle events. People will argue that they are swingers as well, but I counter that they are participants (and generally welcome) in the lifestyle. Being a swinger is a unique thing. You are trusting a most valued relationship to the exposure of sexual intrigue and activities with the full faith and understanding that it will have no impact on your relationship. To me, this makes swingers very special people!


Unfortunately, the term lifestyle really needs to be replaced because there are dozens of different "lifestyles" and somehow this has been code which stands for people who have cast off the social taboos associated with freedom of sexual expression. Therefore I put forth this definition; that to be in the lifestyle means that you have shed the social taboos and enjoy recreational sex or are a voyuer of others having sexual encounters, or enjoy sexually charged environments or social events for the purposes of social bonding with others, recreational sex, or perhaps as a means of foreplay in an otherwise monogamous relationships.

This is my opinion, I would love to hear yours! Email your opinions to




If you are new to swinging the first realization you should have is that Swinging is NOT for everyone. Swinging is a tricky proposition with so many factors such as love, intimacy, jealousy, self-confidence and trust just to name a few issues that people participating in a Swing Lifestyle for the first time have to face.

As a general rule and by observation about 7 out of 10 times, it is the male who gets a couple into the Swinging Lifestyle. This being said, I am female so much of the content of this website reflects more of a woman's perspective than a man's perspective.

Swinging is not just about you - it is about you and your spouse, significant other, or occasional playmate. You cannot expect to have a successful experience without having your mate completely on board with the experience. I spend a lot of time in Las Vegas where I have a second home and more so in Las Vegas than in any other part of the country, you see first time swinging couples out to experiment in Sin City. I have had extremely fun experiences with these "newbie" couples but I have also witnessed the occasional wife go "bat-shit-crazy" (borrowed this term for a favorite swing club owner), and beat her husband as they hastily retreat from the club.

You also have to be careful about the people, parties, clubs and events that you encounter and participate in. I started swinging around 1999 and have found it to be very rewarding and a great experience! But I have encountered a lot of bad people, parties, clubs, and events out there. I have been to clubs which misrepresented what types of parties they host and what type of members attend their club. I have been to events and national conferences that were absolute and intentional rip-offs.

First Time Swinging

So you want to attend a swinger's club for the first time, what should I do? There are swing clubs in all 50 states. One thing that will surprise you is just how many clubs there are and how many people are in the lifestyle. If you can afford it, I strongly suggest that the first experience be on a Couples Cruise. This is by far, one of the best swinging experiences I have ever had, however this can be expensive. Another option is to find a Swing Club in a nearby city or perhaps take that long desired trip to Las Vegas and attend one of the many Swing Clubs there. I recommend going out of town to remove the "what if I find someone I know there" issue that while often unfounded, can be a barrier to that first experience. So where can I find a swing club in my area. I recommend starting with NASCA which maintains one of the most complete lists of swingers clubs.

Note that this is not a complete listing and not every club is listed - but it is one of the better directories out there.

So why a club and not a house party? A house party is a swinger's party held at someone's personal home and may or may not be a regularly scheduled party. I enjoy house parties myself, but do not think they are a good idea for "newbies" because it can be hard to "run for cover" or simply leave a house party.

Once you find a club, event or a cruise for your first time experience, it would be good to read the Swinging 101 section of this website to prepare both you and your mate for the experience. Also carefully look at the FAQ and Rules-Policies of the club or event you have selected to attend. If the club does not have a website, I would avoid that club. It doesn't mean that club isn't a good club, because I have seen a club in Las Vegas whose website makes absolutely fraudulent claims and are a digital front for a rip-off experience and I have seen very private events that are outstanding but do not have a website for privacy reasons. Here is a list of some of my favorite clubs which are excellent starting points for those new to Swinging. The are in alphabetical order.

  • Caliente Resorts, Tampa
  • Colette, Dallas
  • Colette, New Orleans
  • Whispers, Las Vegas
  • Friends, Austin (Pflugerville, TX)
  • JJ's Western Swing, Pahrump, NV
  • Lagniappe Chateau, Shreveport, LA
  • Live Oak Resort, An RV Resort, Washington, TX
  • New Temptations, Las Vegas
  • Riverside Ranch, Austin (Elmendorf, TX)
  • Risque Vegas Estate, Las Vegas
  • Rooftop Resort, (near) Hollywood, FL
  • Scarlet Ranch, Denver (Littleton, CO)
  • The 13th Floor, Dallas (My first club) [sadly it recently closed]
  • The Mystery Zone, Houston (The Woodlands)
  • Trapeze, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Trapeze, Atlanta

I have been to everyone of the above clubs and had a great time! Overall I have been to over 75 clubs and try to add another 4 to 5 every year. Another great summer event for first time swingers is Naughty in N'awlins which is a riot of a good time even if you are not planning to actually swing while you are there. There are also seminars at this event about swinging which can provide you with a great foundation for starting in the lifestyle.

One final important suggestion. When you attend your first party, do not actually swing! Just watch, take it all in, socialize, be voyeurs and leave the pressure of swinging at home or at the hotel room.



So what is LifestyleLive! all about? I have been in the lifestyle since around 1999 and have enjoyed 96% of it. The remaining 4% of the time ranges from experiences that were rip-offs, a bad club, bad crowds, misrepresentations, and a host of other problems. Being in Marketing and Communications, I always felt that the industry needed a good third-party opinion about what is going on out there. There are millions of couples and individuals who this weekend will be swinging somewhere in the United States.

There are some good resources out there about the swinging lifestyle, but finding them can be difficult. There are excellent websites called "Swinger Dating Sites" that are also great sources of information, but most of these require a paid membership. Swinger Dating Sites tend to have geographic "hot spots" where there is a lot of representation of individuals in a given area - so the question is, are you signing up for the right site for your area. I always recommend that people attend their local club and ask people which site or sites they are signed up for and then join the concensous. Being a lifestyle blogger, I am a paid member on 5 sites and an unpaid member on nearly 20 additional sites. While I do review sites, I do not address the geographical coverage of each site. This being said, there are a few very large sites that do provide pretty good national coverage.

So why yet another resource? I felt there is a need for a "free site" that provides the best possible information about the lifestyle. A site that is "Newbie Friendly" but at the same time addresses many of the issues that experienced lifestyle couples may be facing.

The Mission

To Provide an Fearlessly Honest Resource for Swingers
To Provide Honest Opinions on Lifestyle Experiences
To Help Those New to the Lifestyle to have a Positive First Experience
To Help Everyone in the Lifestyle Find the Best Possible Experiences

To Help Those who Having Parties, Own Clubs, Do Events to Provide a Better Experience

I am also very accessible. Having homes at Lake Tahoe (Nevada), Austin (Texas), and in Las Vegas, I often meet people who find this website and contact me online. I enjoy meeting new people and finding new experiences.

Note a Swinger's Date Site

This is NOT a "Swingers Dating Site" however it does have a "membership" element. The memberships are essentially free and are intended to provide you with an e-mail address that can be used just for swinging. These e-mail addresses are also provided to lifestyle businesses, clubs, events, other websites and lifestyle resorts. But there is are nothing about the site that will help you meet other swingers unless you attend an event, convention, conference, club, party, resort or cruise. There are lots of Swinger Dating Sites and I will gladly recommend one to you for your area.

"A Few of My Favorite Things"

I provide a lot of reviews and opinions. Sometimes these are from a female's perspective. Sometimes people disagree with me and those disagreements are welcome. There is more than once that I have been to a lifestyle club and had a bad experiences and posted that opinion only to be coaxed back only to discover I was just there on a bad night. An example is one of my favorite clubs in Las Vegas. Friday nights there are a mixed bag - BUT THE SUNDAY POOL PARTIES ROCK during the summer. I generally hate house parties, but Robert and Cindy's awesome private mansion parites in the summer time TOTALLY RULE! My favorite things may not prove to be yours and I want to hear about that. I will publish the experiecenes of others as long as I can validate everything and can communicate and ask questions.

A few of my favorite things...

  • Afternoon Naked Pool Parties during the summer
  • Terry's massage table on the Lake Mead Swingers Houseboat Trips
  • "Mindless Chatter" on the Couples Cruises
  • The pool at Cliente in Florida
  • The hand fitted Corsets at Bad Attitude in Las Vegas
  • The New Orleans parade at Naughty in N'awlins
  • Keri (so bi-sexy) & Roxy who host the bar at New Temptations in Las Vegas
  • New Year's Eve at the Mystery Zone in Houston
  • The anniversary orgy at JJ's Western Swing
  • The hot dog machine at Risque Vegas
  • Teasing Gary at the door of the Red Rooster in Las Vegas
  • Weekends at Whispers in Vegas Close to the Strip
  • The Ladies Only dance when they play "I Kissed a Girl" at Friends in Austin
  • The poolside play at the Lagniappe Chateau in Shreveport
  • The Amazing pool and campgrounds at Live Oak Resort in Texas
  • Lee & Laura's Annual Christmas Display

The Lists

I do maintain some party lists. These are lists of events that I organize by event, club, geographic location, and other criteria. I am always adding to the lists and when I hear about an event, or plan to be in the area, I post an e-mail to the appropriate list. I do not share the contents or information contained in the list with anyone however I do from time to time do mailings for others if they are having an event that I think is quality enough to be worth knowing about.

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